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Doing the right thing, after all, it’s good business…

The board of Cardinal prides itself on its track record of investor and shareholder protection.

Integrity is the pulse of our business. Ethics and transparency are key to our relationships, affecting the decisions we make, which results in the quality of our revenue.

The company has developed an industry-first risk advisory panel which is responsible for a mutual on-boarding process by customers and suppliers alike. This means greater knowledge of our trade partners, and reduces risk in transactions – fuel trading is a high volume / high value transaction process – the company does not transact unless the due diligence, verification and validation of funds, or product, is given a rating by the risk team.

These procedures assure that our customers and suppliers, when dealing with Cardinal, are dealing with a trusted trade partner backed up by a highly competent, independent professional team intent on risk management and helping CPH deliver the best customer service.