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Corporate Social Responsibility and Investments Statements


At Cardinal, people are of greatest concern to us – our aim is to ensure that every person associated with our company enjoys the best service and treatment. This extends from our shareholders to employees and service providers. We constantly strive to ensure that conditions are right for those associated with us to have an ‘ownership’ mentality – to own the company, its’ ideas, its’ work, clients, and outcomes.

In essence, we want those associated with us to be proud to call Cardinal “….my company”.

Cardinal is a company where discrimination is not welcome, but where divergent cultures feel at home, tolerance is exercised with divergent views, old ideas are challenged and new ones welcomed. Cardinal is a world class working environment where human rights are respected.

We are fair and equitable in our treatment of employees, and provide equal opportunity for their growth and development. Cardinal complies with labour and employment legislation, and ensures it is above the basic minimum standard in doing so.

We encourage excellence in the workplace, and in life.

Health & Safety

Cardinal is dedicated to maintaining the health and safety of its’ employees. “Be Aware. Be Safe” is our motto. It is a life philosophy that is entrenched in our work ethic.

We have a zero tolerance policy for anything relating to safety. This reaches across all aspects of our business, whether arising from conditions (of site / equipment / transport / etc), attitudes, decisions, and actions. We acknowledge that our people must have the skills and training necessary to ensure full compliance with our health and safety standards.

Health And Safety Policy Statement

We are committed to having sites that are clean, well operated, hygienic, healthy and safe. We expect all our employees to comply with health and safety laws, regulations and company policies. The health and safety of all of employees, members of the public, service providers and others who come into contact with our sites is of the utmost importance to Cardinal. We expect all our employees to adopt best practises in matters relating to health and safety.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is a key component of Cardinal’s ethos.

We seek to balance and integrate our operations with the needs of the host communities, the requirements set out by the local authorities, and the needs of the market we serve.

In reaching a decision to invest in a specific location, we are also mindful of the impact (both negative and positive) that we may have in implementing that decision. Therefore, it is our policy to ensure ethical standards are met at the highest level in the process leading to those decisions, and in part, the effect and consequences of an investment by Cardinal on the host community must be guided by our ethics statement.

Economically and financially, as well as from employment and environmental positions, our operations must make a meaningful and positive impact on the host community. Not only should our investment create commercial opportunities and employment, but the effects should also extend to that greater community by way of social upliftment and development projects.

These could include health, medical, policing, education, sporting, or skills, infrastructure and resource development. Basic needs such as water, sanitation, electricity and shelter are priorities to factor in when considering an investment.

We undertake to communicate and work in partnership with NGO’s, and local and provincial governments in matters of such importance.

We undertake to consult with the community leadership in an effort to understand their prioritisation of needs.


Cardinal is committed to maintaining standards of excellence in all operations that have an environmental impact.

We apply responsible and best practices in the planning, design and implementation of our operational activities.

Cardinal employees are required to:

• Always comply with applicable environmental requirements;
• Seek guidance when they are unsure of the standards;
• Consider what extra steps we may follow to enhance our environmental performance; and
• Report violations or suspected violations to the appropriate persons.

We are acutely aware that petroleum related activities may impact the natural environment; however, we believe that these operations can coexist with the environment if activities are conducted in a safe and responsible manner.

We undertake to develop environmental management programs to monitor and effectively manage risks.

Education & Training

Cardinal acknowledges that the individual requires information and knowledge in order to attain personal development and growth.

The company seeks to address this both in the workplace, and in the communities in which it has vested interests.

The education programmes will include subjects such as life skills, first aid, mathematics, science, and basic accounting.


Cardinal acknowledges that sport and recreation are an important part of a healthy lifestyle, and it is with this in mind that the company wishes to seize opportunities to facilitate, promote and organise programmes involving sport education, training, clubs and leagues and games within its workforce and the communities the company has interests in.

Individual and team sponsorships will be considered.

Cardinal Entrepreneurship Development Trust

Cardinal has established a trust for the support, education and development of entrepreneurship in youth. The trust aims to assist in the shift in thinking from job dependency to entrepreneurship, leading to a “Learn to Earn” mentality.

Housing And Shelter

Cardinal recognises that one of the most basic human rights and needs is access to shelter.

In an effort to contribute to its workforce, Cardinal intends establishing a housing finance fund through which employees will have access to funding mechanisms designed to assist those employees in the creation of wealth, and to enjoy better quality homes for their families.

The housing needs of communities in which the company is invested will be considered, and wherever practical and possible, the company will attempt to assist in the delivery of housing.

Corporate Social Investment

As part of its overall Corporate Social Responsibility program, Cardinal intends to undertake Corporate Social Investment contributions wherever practical and affordable to the company.

This initiative will extend across all host communities, and will be undertaken in accordance with the guidelines of the Cardinal Corporate Social Responsibility statement.

Sustainable Development

Cardinal recognises that successful operations depend on the quality of managements’ decisions, and sound relationships which give rise to stakeholder support.

Developments which the company undertakes must be considered sustainable in terms of benchmark performance.

Cardinal intends to be an industry leader, and will strive to lead by example insofar as the quality and sustainability of its chosen developments.

Local Economic Development

In order for Cardinal to fully execute on its’ CSI statements, it recognises that true economic empowerment comes from within.

It comes from within individuals, and within communities – Cardinal’s procurement policies should include the necessity to source goods and services from businesses within the communities it has operations or developments.

In this way, the company will indirectly and nominally contribute to local economic development growth.
Assisting entrepreneurs to develop businesses which can adequately cater for the needs of the company’s local operations will introduce the foundations for a good, long-standing relationship with those service providers.

Infrastructure Development

Infrastructure development is key to economic growth in South Africa. Not only does this improve conditions for the general population, it also serves to create employment, circulate capital, and contribute to the fiscus.

Cardinal acknowledges that the government of South Africa has been solely responsible for infrastructure development in the country, aside from private public partnerships. Cardinal intends, wherever practical and affordable, to contribute to infrastructure development within its’ host communities.


Cardinal understands the necessity for self-sustainability. Wherever possible and practical, the company will consider agricultural projects to assist communities in becoming more self-sustaining, and to potentially develop sustainable businesses from those initiatives. These initiatives could also contribute to employment.


Cardinal recognises that South Africa enjoys a great diversity of cultures.

Commercial and cultural interests often diverge, and with this in mind, the company states its’ policy of not seeking to railroad projects through without consulting community leaders.

There may also be land preservation issues which are raised as part of these potential cultural conflicts of interest. Tribal and religious concerns must be addressed.

Community Policy Statement

Cardinal is committed to creating and maintaining the best possible relationships with the communities in which we operate. We believe that our operations cannot be sustainable and successful without our company being considered to be of value in and by the community. We wish to be a trusted member of the community. It is our intention to leave a legacy in these communities and to be welcomed in past, present and future communities due to the decisions and actions taken by the company.

Community Policing And Security Statement

Cardinal recognises that communities flourish in the presence of security and employment. It is an unfortunate fact that South Africa has one of the highest crime rates on a global scale. In part, the company believes this can be directly accredited to the high level of unemployment. Cardinal management intend to assist communities and their local authorities wherever possible, affordable and practical, by aiding in the repairs and / or construction of adequate police or security facilities within communities.