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Oliefirmas flankeer met beleggers

Twee nuwe olie- en brandstofverwante maatskappye het pas met beleggers begin flankeer. Cardinal Petroleum Holdings wil dieseldepots en vulstasies in Suid-Afrika koop, maar het R2,3 miljard vir sy planne nodig en mik daarna om in Junie op die JSE te noteer. Camac Energy, ’n Amerikaanse olie-eksplorasiegroep met belange in Nigerië, Gambië en Kenia, het in... Read More

Fuel investment option heading for JSE

  Cape Town – Two local risk analysts plan to bring a new petroleum investment option to the JSE. Daryl Ducasse and Ken Morison, investor risk analysts and partners at Merkurius Capital Solutions (MCS), plan to bring their new initiative Cardinal Petroleum Holdings (CPH) to market via the JSE, with the possibility of a dual... Read More

Steps to sound investing

AN INVESTMENT manager’s most important service objective is to try and help clients not lose money through ill-structured, over-rated, dubious investment opportunities which have either been presented to them by brokers or promoters, or they are considering investing in after seeing advertisements. There are four principles that should always be borne in mind. These are:... Read More

Investment checklist

INVESTORS are faced with a huge menu of options and opportunities when deciding to invest or save. These are just a few: starting a business, buying into an existing business, buying a franchise, bank savings, endowments, unit trusts, retirement annuities, pension and provident funds, preservation funds, living annuities, guaranteed products, stokvels, listed equities and derivatives,... Read More

Think before you sign

TO SPEAK about the importance of agreements is to state the obvious: flawed agreements can lead to great loss and difficulties. Having an agreement is not the only important thing – you also need to have a clear understanding of what it means. Do you know what you are or are not entitled to, and... Read More

Volatility a real risk for investments

By Daryl Ducasse** WE ALL know that investing comes with risks. However, some risks are more unpalatable than others – for example, the mismanagement of your funds, or worse still, the dipping of fingers into the till by directors and promoters of investments. Risk comes in the form of reasonable risk to plain stupidity. For... Read More

Too little, too late to stop Ponzi plots

The e-mail contribution below sent by investor activist and member of Merkurius Capital Solutions Daryl Ducasse has been edited and shortened considerably. All documents referred to are in Fin24’s possession.I am writing to cover a topic which is of great sensitivity – to the South African Reserve Bank (Sarb), the Financial Services Board (FSB), the... Read More

Protecting the lifeblood of our economy

They say that in desperate times, people take to desperate measures. Evidently we have been through many periods of desperate times, according to Daryl Ducasse, Merkurius Capital Solutions. The list of schemes or failed entities in which investors have lost untold billions of Rand is mind-numbing – this includes Masterbond, Supreme, Saambou, Regal Bank, Fidentia,... Read More